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    Thanks for dropping by today, you brought the sun and broke the gray

    your beauty leads with heart close by, for those who see with more than eye


    You glide with grace but power too, your heart and soul you let see through

    Your mask-less face will draw them near, and you will lead them out of fear


    Wounded wings but birds still sing, so lift your head and try your wings

    For you will heal and stronger be, you will soar and higher see

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  • Read Through the Bible in 2 Hours!
    Read Through the Bible in 2 Hours!

    Have you wanted to read through the Bible but it seems like an overwhelming task! But it is so important to get the big picture of God's revelation to us. Here is a way to quickly get the big picture, the story of the entire Bible through this graphic novel.


    It begins in Genesis and goes all the way through the book of Revelation. I sat down and read the entire book in 2 hours and I am not a fast reader! The book has scripture references on every page, while the online version enlarges the main text so it can be easily read on a phone.

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  • My New Life In Christ - Salvation
    My New Life In Christ - Salvation



    What does it mean to be saved? What am I saved from? Now that I'm "born again," what does that mean?  In its simplest form, being saved means you are saved from spending eternity in hell away from God. But there is a lot more to it than that.  Salvation begins right now and you can experience the benefits in this life.  Salvation includes freedom from habits that have made you miserable. It means health and healing from any sickness that has plagued you.  It means deliverance from depression into a life of joy and peace.  It means gaining financial freedom.  It means abundant provision for every need that you could ever have.  Salvation encompasses every single part of your life.

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