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WHAT IF... you took 40 days and listened to nothing but Christian music; would it make any difference in your life? It did for me, let me share a very personal story from my life about how tough and difficult life can get and how I saw my way out and up. What difference could it really make? Read on and see how much of an impact it can make. Let me share my experience...

When I was in 6th grade I was listening to the same radio station that everyone was listening to. It had some good melodies but the words were sometimes NOT what I knew I should be listening to. Sometimes they were even disturbing! The final straw came when they had a fortune teller on one day. People could call in and supposedly learn what would happen to them. I was convicted that this was something that God specifically warned His people to stay away from. I made the decision to look for a new station. I happened across a Christian radio station and have never gone back. The lyrics and DJs encourage me and build up my spirit, they share the truth that I am worthy and loved by God -- His precious child. It was this radio station that helped me through a very rough time in my life.

In that 6th grade year, I stole a pop from the office after basketball practice with a group of the popular kids. I wanted to fit in and be liked by them, and in doing this I was liked. Later at home I switched on the TV and the Christian evangelist Billy Graham was on. I soon became convicted that what I had done was wrong. In confessing it to God I felt Him say that I should pay for the pop. I felt that I should pay $1.50 because I was so sorry for what I had done. I brought the money to the school office the next day and even talked my friend into doing the same. The secretary was shocked and said that this had been an ongoing problem for a while now. She asked why we were giving so much? We said it was to help pay for pop that the others had stolen. She said wait just a minute, when she returned she said the principal wanted to talk with us. Oh no, what had I gotten into!? We began to sweat as he asked us pointed questions and finally dragged the names of all of the girls who had participated in the dark deed. Later that day we were all called down to his office. He got down a large 2 inch thick paddle with 1 inch holes drilled all over it and began slapping it against his hand. He gave us a very severe talk and warned us that if pop ever disappeared from the office again he would paddle everyone of us!
Well, you can imagine how everyone treated me when my friend turned on me and told them that I was the only one who had blabbed on them. I was hated by them! I had no friends! I dreaded lunch hour! Worse yet they would tease me on the bus ride home. We were bused from the south side of Fort Collins to the north side so it was a long trip. One day stands out to me in particular. My "friend" started getting everyone to taunt me and throw spit wads at me. When we got to our stop she got out and was yelling in my face. Then she began throwing punches at me. I blocked them and responded that she was my friend and refused to hit her back. Finally, she gave up and left. I ran home and shut myself in my bedroom and cried and cried. I began thinking life is not worth living. I can't stand this persecution everyday! "Why not end it all?" this voice in my head seemed to say. "No one loves you, you have no friends". Then like a deafening bolt of lightening these words came to my mind, "NO, I will NEVER desert you, nor will I EVER forsake you. I don't care if the whole world turns their back on you! I NEVER WILL. I have BIG plans for your life! Just wait and see. I created you with these purposes in mind." I believed this to be the voice of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. A verse from Hebrews 13:5-6 in the Bible says:
    "He Himself has said,
        'I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you',

     So we say with confidence,

        'The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.
        What can mere mortals do to me?'”

I had heard this while listening to the Christian radio station. God says he will bring to our remembrance all that Jesus taught. He sure did, just at the moment I desperately needed it! What if I had not put those good words into my heart by listening to that station? What if I had not gone to youth group? Where would I be now? Would I even be here helping at the Amp? But thankfully I had, so instead I responded, "OK Lord I believe you and commit to going all out for you." It was not easy after that, but I now had a rock solid, deep inner strength that came from God. Slowly, I made some other friends, and found that no problem is too big for God! I can take anything and everything to Him, and He will be my helper. 
Take the challenge -- make the switch today.
Scroll down to view the music video by the Christian band Skillet called "The Last Night I'll Spend Alone".
Click on the radio stations below to begin streaming or download their app. Note, this uses data so make sure you are connected to WIFI.

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