21 Day Church Challenge

March 23 - April 12

21 Day Church Challenge

21 Day Church Challenge


Hello and welcome to the 21-Day River of Life Church Challenge! 


During the 21 days prior to Easter 2020, you will be able to read, watch or listen to a devotion that will bless you each day of this special season at River of Life!  During the 21 days, I hope you’ll commit to read your Bible, Pray, Fast and Worship “…LIKE NEVER BEFORE!”  I hope that you will be challenged and willing to express your Faith and Share your life in Christ with someone.  I know God will use these 21 days of Challenge and Devotion to heal areas of your life!  


Let’s believe together that God will restore all that the enemy has stolen or destroyed in your life!


God has already begun His work and has been so good to us!  We are seeing His Hand move in our services and He truly is doing great things.  We are hearing many testimonies of God’s goodness and His healing hand on people’s lives!  I believe that if we come together during these 21 days to pray, fast, read our Bibles, and encourage each other, we’ll see Him do miracles in our lives.


As Easter approaches, we find ourselves thinking about the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We must always remember that Christ’s life purpose was to offer himself as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind.  The Bible says that Jesus Christ became sin for us so that we could be forgiven and become righteous in God’s sight (2 Corinthians 5:21).  Jesus was so certain of His purpose in restoring mankind to the Father that He predicted when and how He would die. (Matthew 26:2)


As you begin this challenge, the enemy is going to try to deceive you, trick you, distract you, and even disrespect your time with God as you pray, read your Bible, and fast.  Don’t let it happen!  I believe God has given us direction to follow Him with all our hearts “….LIKE NEVER BEFORE” because He wants to pour out His Spirit on us like never before!  Let’s be in the right position and place to see what God is going to do!


God Bless,


Pastor Rick and Julie Carlson





Day #20, Saturday, April 11, 2020

Friends, tomorrow is Easter Sunday, therefore, this is the final devotion of the 21 Day Church Challenge. 

Day #19, Friday, April 10, 2020

 There are only a few days left of this year’s 21 Day Church Challenge at River of Life!  Let’s finish strong! 

Today in history, Jesus went through His Trial, Death by Crucifixion, and Burial.  It was one of the darkest days in history and is the most difficult day of Passion Week for sure.  We can’t imagine the lonely path to Golgatha’s hill and the acutely painful final hours of His life on earth.

Day #18, Thursday, April 9, 2020

If you recall, Jesus was staying in Bethany during Passion week.  Jesus sent Peter and John ahead to the Upper Room in Jerusalem to prepare for the Passover Feast. That evening after sunset, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as they prepared to share in the Passover. By performing this humble act of service, Jesus demonstrated how believers should love one another.

Day #17, Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Bible doesn't say exactly what the Lord did on the Wednesday of Passion Week. Scholars speculate that after two exhausting days of ministry and confronting the Pharisees in Jerusalem, Jesus and his disciples spent this day resting in Bethany in anticipation of Passover.

Day #16, Tuesday, April 7, 2020


It’s Tuesday of Passion Week.  Jesus and the disciples returned to the temple and found the Pharisees plotting against Him with plans to catch Him in sin, and ultimately destroy Him.  Jesus evaded their plans and was able to confront them and even brought judgment against them. 


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